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Nature! Working-up the most uniform material into utter opposites; arriving, without a trace of effort, at perfection, at the most exact precision, though always veiled under certain softness. Each of her works has an essence of its own; every shape that she takes is in idea utterly isolated; and yet all forms one.


Sultan Camp

We invite all nature lovers to our camp in Kabak Beach who can no longer feel themselves as part of nature because of the city life, chaos, exhaust fumes, concrete jungle, hectic rush, stress and crowds.

In between the tiny turtles in April, fireflies in May, Jersey Tiger butterflies in June and the sound of crickets all summer long; you will feel yourself away from everything, but right in the heart of it all.

You can climb down to the unspoiled beach following a 5 minutes path walk from Sultan Kamp, and enjoy heavenly moments on the white sands and explore the hidden beauties that the cave has been keeping for you. You can take a walk to Aladere Waterfalls accompanied by Jersey Tiger butterflies, swim in the natural ponds, and sail into several spectacular and secluded coves around the bay.

Buka Bar & Restaurant

Once you enjoy your breakfast sipping your fresh tea with our freshly baked special bread and genetically unmodified natural food in our restaurant surrounded by bunches of grapes and bougainvillea, awake in our swimming pool next to our restaurant filled with natural spring waters from the mountains for a peaceful “good morning” that you have been longing for and while you are enjoying a selection from alcoholic or non-alcoholic drinks, luscious exotic cocktails, sage or thyme tea brewed from the herbs we gather from the valley and other hot drinks in the Buka Bar, your growing appetite will tell you that it’s noon time.

Sultan Camp is where you will find the most delicious food to appease your appetite on the Kabak Bay. We assure you that the delicious taste of food where our chef adds her love and care as spices shall linger throughout your palate. You will be looking forward to dinner.


You can lie down on hammocks or comfortable cushions on our terraces and enjoy chill out melodies on your ears, immerse yourself in the unique flow of the nature.

Our pool filled with ice-cold spring waters streaming down from mountains has inspired the name of our Watery Terrace, which is the number one helpful companion during hot days and nights.

You’ll be captivated by the magnificence of the sky when the enchantment of evening hours begin surrounding you, while you can’t get enough of the cheerful talks with friends, harmony in the setting sun, flames raising from the 150-year old fireplace, stars that you could reach out and touch from the Starry Terrace, rise of the moon blinking behind the mountain, sparkling lightshow of noctilucae adding melancholy the sea; while you’re enjoying all these beauties sipping your drink, you’ll be awaken to miracles and consider yourself very lucky that you’re a part of nature. You may choose to watch the moonset or sink into peaceful dreams, and the nature will be waiting for you in the morning with her same dress of grandeur.








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